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How's your Cell Brunswick going?

Cell's Bike Designer Dave has logged over 800km on his mudguard equipped Brunswick over the past couple of months as Sydney has had much more than its fair share of nasty weather for commuting, so his Omeo has been left high and dry hanging in the rack. Disc brakes rule! Not all those kays have been on the road though, with pre-work cyclocross social rides, weekend fire trail exploring and one round of the local Subaru Active Sydney CX series.

Have you done any 'cross racing? Fancy trying it out?

Gravity Enduro champion, Genevieve McKew has been riding a Cell Brunswick in 'cross races recently too. She claimed the top step of the podium at the final race in her local series. Congrat's Gen!

More great photos can be found on the Riding Focus blog.

Where do you ride your Brunswick? If you've been loving it, give it a review, tell us where you ride and share the love.

To show our appreciation for buying your Brunswick from us:

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If you're considering getting into cyclocross racing, get an idea of what it involves from this video starring Bike Designer Dave and Gen McKew at Round 3 of the MWCC Subaru Active CX Series.

Finally, we wanted to alert you about a very important safety feature of your Brunswick bicycle. There has been a new addition to the Australian Standards for Pedal Bicycles (AS/NZS 1927:2010) regarding hydration accessibility and we explain how the Brunswick meets that new requirement in this video. Please watch carefully and SHARE it with your friends to ensure they are aware of this vitally important information.

(Please note: The stunts in this video were performed by professionals; do not attempt to perform these stunts unless you're really thirsty and are happy to trash your bike; there are no new additions to the incredibly outdated AS/NZS 1927:2010 Pedal Bicycle Standards; the Brunswick may not be capable of opening a beer in all techniques shown in this video and attempting some may void the parts warranty of which details can be found here; the crew at Cell Bikes don't take ourselves too seriously, but we definitely love bikes, and the odd beer!)

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